Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Older adults and swine flu

Can you stand reading one more article that includes the phrase "swine flu" in it? Currently swine flu, officially known as the H1N1 influenza virus, is not any more deadly than the other influenza viruses. However, because the CDC estimates that 36,000 Americans die -- most of them elderly -- die from flu each year, it's worth paying attention to. In addition, officials are concerned that swine flu may become more dangerous as it spreads.

Believing that knowledge is power, we're passing on the link to "7 Things Caregivers Should Know About Swine Flu," which was published last week in
The New York Times.

For more information about older adults and this potential pandemic, check out: AARP Bulletin: What We Know about Swine Flu.

General population information about this virus can be found at the CDC website.


ecrunner said...

I have read in several places that the swine flu is no worse than the most recent virus of the previous flu season. While I think it got hyped up too much, the flu is nothing to take too lightly. There is a helpful nursing site that offers tips on how to beat the virus. It is important.

University of Indianapolis Center for Aging & Community said...

@ecrunner -- Thanks for the comment and the link.

paul said...

A school near me in the UK has closed down for a week.Not even a big city!its coming!!